1. Make acquaintance

Website enquiry form sent in or client calls or emails directly. Learn about client and their role / responsibilities Get a basic understanding about the type of premises (eg size, use etc) Ask the client for the name and address of the premises, in most cases this allows me to google your premises, to give me an indication of what to expect when i visit your site and to help put a quotation together. Submit a quote to the client.

2. Information gathering

Quote accepted by client Establish when required And confirm time and date. Who is the main contact? Who is the responsible person? Pre-visit questionnaire sent to client which creates a checklist of documents required on the assessment day and provides important information to the assessor in advance of the assessment

3. Service – assessment

Assessor meets client on site, goes through fire safety paperwork Assessor conducts visual inspection of all the clients areas of responsibility, taking notes and photos For communal areas of flats, please ensure access is available to at least a sample of flat front doors, but preferably all. Client can ask any questions Risk Assessment and invoice is emailed to client normally within 2-7 days after the risk assessment has been completed at the premises.

4. Compliance

Report written by assessor Report is quality checked & validated Report issued to Responsible Person (RP) Allow 2 – 7 working days. On receiving the report the Responsible person must read thoroughly through the report and sign the acknowledgement page, approximately half way through the report. RP works through the action plan at the rear of the report in a timely manner, signing and dating each action as it is completed. The RP keeps the assessment safe and secure to ensure it is immediately available if asked for by any of the enforcing authorities. RP contacts customer service if there are any queries / requires clarity